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First step working as a stand up paddle instructor. Instruct in enclosed flat water locations.
Stand Up Paddle Instructor Water Safety Rescue Award

SUP sport specific water safety rescue award. A world first - which exemplifies our commitment to SUP and to you, as an instructor.
Level 2 Stand Up Paddle Instructor (Exposed Waters)

Level 1 Stand Up Paddle Instructor (Enclosed Flat Water)
Level 2 Stand Up Paddle Instructor (Exposed Waters)
Instruct in Exposed Waters locations ocean environments with swell but no breaking waves.
This instructor's course is the next level up from the Enclosed Flat Water instructor course, and applies to instructing in exposed waters locations (ocean environments with no breaking waves but still subject to ocean conditions).

Instructing in this environment requires additional techniques and risk and safety strategies than the enclosed flat water level.
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Ich habe den ASI SUP Instructot Kurs im Mai in Lagos, Portugal besucht und hatte Jason
Pereira als Kursleiter. Der Kurs war extrem gut strukturiert. Jason ist sehr konzentriert
und organisiert bei der Sache. Seine Anweisungen waren immer sehr praezise. Er legt
grossen Wert auf den Sicherheitsaspekt und sensibilisiert sehr ausfuehrlich fuer
potentielle Gefahren auf dem Wasser. Das physische Training auf dem Wasser war
anspruchsvoll und fordernd, hat aber dennoch grossen Spass gemacht. Die
Probestunde, die wir zum Ende des Kurses gegeben haben, wurde ausfuehrlich
begutachtet und besprochen. Alles in allem kann ich den Kurs bei Jason sehr
empfehlen. Ich habe sehr viel gelernt und Jason kann die Kursinhalte sehr gut
vermitteln. Alle Fragen rund um die Arbeit als Instructor oder Organisatorisches wie
Lizenzen und Verwaltung der Surfschule hat Jason immer sehr ausfuehrlich beantwortet
und es haben sich oft Gruppendiskussionen ergeben fuer die im Kurs immer
ausreichend Raum gelassen wurde. Der Austausch unter den Kursteilnehmern war
Jason sehr wichtig. Ich kann den Kurs an sich voll empfehlen, aber vor allem Jason als

I attended the ASI SUP Instructor course in May in Lagos, Portugal with Jason Pereira
the ASI SUP Trainer. The course was extremely well structured. Jason is very focused
and organized in the matter. His instructions were always a combination of precision. He
places great importance on the security aspect and sensitized in great detail for potential
hazards on the water. The physical training on the water was challenging and
demanding, but still was great fun. The trial lesson that we have added to the end of the
course has been extensively reviewed and discussed. All in all, I can recommend the
course with Jason very much. I have learned a lot and Jason can deliver the material very
well. All matters relating to the work as an instructor or organizational, such as licenses
and management of the SUP school, Jason has always answered in great detail and
have it often results in group discussions for the always enough space was left in the
course. The exchange among the students Jason was very important. I can recommend
the course all, but especially Jason as instructor.
Dr. Gitte Barknowitz, Germany
Along with our scheduled course dates we are also available for private group instructor training both here in Portugal and Overseas; please contact us to discuss your needs and availability.
Dr. Gitte Barknowitz, Germany
Beach Blijburg, Amsterdam, Netherlands

On Friday 2 may, we started with a group to the training WSR. We were with a fun
group of people. At 09: 00 exactly started the theory lessons, given by Jason Pereira
in Kantoor aan het IJ of Morene Dekker, M&M-SUP, Amsterdam.

We got nice and clear teaching materials and Jason has worked through everything
step by step with us. Also very much and especially clear explanation given on the
material and really needed practical cases told and explained. The pace of the
lessons was quiet and good for everyone to follow.   We are in the afternoon, after
lunch, direction Blijburg beach where we practice lessons. It was cold but we have
done everything in the curriculum. Sally has Jason assisted and together they show
how we had to do and our good explanation. It has been hammered that put safety

Saturday May 3, we are also at 09: 00 started the theoretical lessons of the ASI level 1
training. Here again that Jason has told everything very clearly and, where necessary,
more information that he has encountered in practice. Discussions were possible
and everything was clear and bright. Around 13: 30, after lunch we went again to
Beach Blijburg for practice lessons on the water. Today we have better weather and a
nice piece of paddled, our skills, our paddle turns to the right and left, how to act with
the weather conditions and skills of the lessers. Now we were ready around 17: 30. 
Madelon Ruizendaal-Pilaar
in2SUP (Netherlands)

To be honest I was wondering how the hell 4 days could be filled I an
interesting way on a subject like SUP witch is a sport that looks like it does not
need lots of explanation!? I thought it would be a good thing for me to present
my customers some form of paper that could show they are at the right
address for their course. I was in the assumption that there would not be
much to say about supping that I didn't know!

I can tell you i was so wrong!!! From the first day, first hour, first minute i knew
these 4 days could get pretty interesting for me! The fact that we had a really
good group and also that Jason was the teacher made the 4 days go by really
fast. Now I'm giving my sup-lessons with lots of confidence and I'm also
confident I will do the right thing in case of emergency. Jason is a great
teacher that understands the little things some of us did not understood and
took the time and patience to answer all the questions we had. What really
surprised me the most is the fact that Jason is not only telling but is also a
really respectful listener!  Even after the course he was interested in his
students so getting to like him and seeing him as a true friend was
unavoidable. I had a wonderful 4 days and I'm dedicated to getting more
courses with ASI It could not have been more professional, fun and interesting
for me. Met vriendelijke groeten / With kind regards
Benny Boydens, SUP School, Belgium
First of all I want to start by congratulation ASI for the perfect program of ASI
Sup Instructor course Level 1, 2 and Water Safety Rescue Award. Given by
Jason Pereira in Lagos it was relay great course, perfect instructor, simple
and understanding open mind course, with a great theory lesson applying it
afterwards in the water and land, preparing lesson plans, identifying risk,
before they happen ways of getting around them and how to manage
lessons in a SUP school.

Once again thank you Jason Pereira 5 Stars course: congratulation.
Andre Cardoso, AL SUPaddle Azores
ASI Instructor Courses in Europe, Reviews
Sunday 4 may, our last lesson of the ASI Level 1 training. In the morning the last theoretical part. There were spicy pieces, but all in all very easy to follow
and very clear. Jason has explained to us what we were going to do in the afternoon. Teach each other, discuss the cases, discussions and work in
small groups. Around 13: 00 we will be gone and have our curriculum to Blijburg Beach worked out in practice. Jason came through everywhere to see
how we did it. We could, if necessary, the students, complement each other and thus learn from each other how best to our ' customers ' teaching.     
Sally ran long to give tips to us and also has great pictures of our group is created. The end was still equally exciting, Would I have made it and my WSR
and ASI have achieved Level 1? And Yes, of course I managed!!!! We got a nice instructor t-shirt by ASI Academy of surfing instructors and our comic

Conclusion: Jason has taught very crisp and clear. For everyone to follow and understand. His classes include experiences that he has gained and
from all comprehensive curriculum. If you had questions, he was there to answer them. The atmosphere in the Group was very good and he had
enough dominance to the group to suffer. He could win the attention of everyone for itself. Jason, thanks for the insightful lessons, the knowledge you
have about worn on us and your enthusiasm, but also, and above all the fact how wonderful it is to practice this sport. I'm going to make sure, all I have
learned from you, I will teach in my classes try to apply and so can ensure that there is going to be safe, sensible and sporty Stand Up Paddling. And,
above all, many enthusiastic Stand Up Paddlers may bring forth.
Belgium, May 2014
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